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  • Debt Restructuring
  • Employee Retention and Termination
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Writing Business Plans
  • Information Management
  • Developing Budget Models

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Disaster & Recovery Plans
  • Mobile and off site technology
  • Marketing & Promotion Plans
  • Web Site Development & Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization

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  • Human Resources
  • Internal Controls
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  • Non Productive Use of Company Assets

Small businesses go thru many challenges and a distressed business in need of turnaround management services is presented with special strategic management challenges. In many distressed situations, a small business will try and work harder to turnaround the business, and in many cases not succeed. Business turnarounds are a natural part of a life cycle for any long term successful business.

Many small businesses are started by entrepreneurs who have a passion for a product, service or activity.  They invest heavily in their passion and typically form relationships with companies that can help support their business.  Many of these choices, if there is a long standing relationship, will be positive in nature.   However, some long term relationships can become harmful to a business because of comfort levels with a certain supplier or a lack of reviewing market pricing and conditions.

Whether it is the economy, industry, geographical location or lack of certain business skills a distressed business must admit a certain amount of defeat and address its problems.  Yield Business Solutions, Inc. provides our small business consulting services to companies in need of a turnaround management approach.

Many times, turnaround consultants are brought into a company to devise and execute a revival plan and it is either too late or too costly for execution.  YBS small business consulting services provide business the opportunity to execute a corporate renewal plan, assuming that the business has enough potential for successful execution.  We will not provide consulting services to businesses that are candidates for or are already in bankruptcy proceedings. 

Prior to implementing a turnaround strategy YBS will determine the root cause for the distress and the related tactical actions that resulted in the downturn. The reasons companies fall into a distress situation vary greatly but examples of some include:

  • Lack of control over operating cost during a growth period
  • Insufficient capital at start up or the inability to raise capital while growing
  • Significant revenue loss as a result of a weakening in the regional or national economy
  • Highly leveraged with debt that cannot be serviced
  • Unproductive work force that is not properly managed
  • Lack of budgeting or business projections
  • Tactical focus not strategic focus
  • Improper execution of a good strategy
  • Insufficient human, capital or financial resources
  • Increased competition or a consolidation in the industry from acquisition
  • A significant loss of data as a result of an IT infrastructure casualty
  • Employee theft as a result of inadequate internal and financial controls

If you are interested in growing your business and feel you are in a turnaround management position, please fill out the My Business Needs form and we will contact you directly.