• Asset Based Lending
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Employee Retention and Termination
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Writing Business Plans
  • Information Management
  • Developing Budget Models

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Disaster & Recovery Plans
  • Mobile and off site technology
  • Marketing & Promotion Plans
  • Web Site Development & Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Internal Controls
  • Payroll Processing
  • Web site tracking activity
  • Pay Per Click Optimization
  • Non Productive Use of Company Assets


Yield Business Solutions, Inc. has tailored its small business consulting services for two major client profiles that both require similar services. Organizations in a Business Development or Turn around Management position have similar needs with regard to Asset Management Information Management or Transactional Management. Whether it is for additional wealth accumulation for a new or existing business or retention of existing assets in a challenging business environment, retaining control over business assets is critical. Managing and utilizing these assets to produce maximum yields will translate into a much greater opportunity for success in any small business.

To manage and grow business assets it is critical that the proper level of information be known and available to the appropriate resources in the organization. The proper level of Information Management effects our every day decisions and it must be managed as well as protected. The sources of information for a small business whether it is operational, marketing, personnel or financial must all be managed and protected. In today’s world of information technology infrastructure, the continued growth of the internet, search engine optimization, human resource and financial the sources are endless.

Many of these sources of information are transactional in nature that requires a logical and organized method of collecting, storing and reporting on the information. Many small businesses lack the knowledge and expertise to apply proper Transaction Management to the flow of their information to better leverage business assets.

Yield Business Solutions focus on small business consulting because small businesses can make decisions quickly and typically have direct control over their assets. Being able to react to constantly changing market conditions and take advantage of new opportunities is how greater yields on assets are realized. Whether you require assistance in Business Development or turnaround Management YBS provides flexibility for your consulting and management needs.

Because YBS is also a small business we are flexible in our offering to our prospective clients and also sensitive to asset usage for both our business development and turnaround management clients. All new prospects are interviewed and an initial assessment is made before any resources are expended. Engagements can be designed to suit all business owners’ needs to satisfy individual corporate objectives.

If you are interested in growing your business please fill out the My Business Needs form and we will contact you directly.